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Wang Huisheng visits Meiya Pico

On August 13th, SDIC Chairman Wang Huisheng paid a study tour to Xiamen Meiya Pico Information Co., Ltd..

At first, Chairman Wang Huisheng visited the main building of Meiya Pico and different kinds of law-enforcement digital forensics equipment, data acquisition products in case investigation, network safety products and technical competition drill ground. He also interacted with smart guard robot.


Wang Huisheng and his party had a meeting with the leadership of Meiya Pico and listened attentively to the briefing about the company’s development, strategies, structures, core business and innovative measures.

Teng Da, President of Meiya Pico said that Meipa Pico would take the emergence with SDIC as an opportunity and spared no efforts to make itself an expert in digital data acquisition in case investigation network safety and big data. Meanwhile, it also would take advantage of being subsidiary of SDIC AI and give full play to the possible synergy effects with a view to making Meiya Pico bigger and stronger and a model for mixed ownership enterprises.

Chairman Wang Huisheng spoke highly of the achievements of Meiya Pico for the previous years and welcomed Meiya Pico to become a member of SDIC family. He said that as a private enterprise Meiya Pico had become the dragon-head of data acquisition for the 20 years development. It had provided network security services for big events such as Shanghai Cooperation Organization Summit, Xianmen BRICs Summit and G 20 Summit in Hanghzou, as well as training services and technical support for B & R countries.

Chairman Wang Huisheng pointed out that SDIC, as the only investment holding company among all the central SOEs, had played the unique role of guiding investment, restructuring and capital operation. What Meiya Pico was doing right now were quite in line with the national strategy. We had every reason to believe that the two would have win-win cooperation. Be it a central SOE or a private company, we were Chinese enterprises after all. We should join hands to build Chinese national brand to participate in international competition.

He hoped that the two could learn from each other and strengthen integration. SDIC would spare no effort to supporting Meiya Pico’s development with a view to building Meiya Pico a model of mixed ownership.


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