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Ten Most Important Events of SDIC and the Most Beautiful SDIC People Released

14 A, 40 years of reform and opening up, 100 cities 100 countries and 100 enterprises, the largest ethanol producer, purchase of Jordan Potash Company, majority share of Shenzhou Rail, all these keywords had embodied the achievements of SDIC’s reform in 2018. The Most Beautiful SDIC People was released at the same time. Their stories shew the inspiring strength behind them.

On December 27th, the annual meeting releasing the Ten Important Events of SDIC and the Most Beautiful SDIC People were hold at the same time in Beijing. SDIC Chairman Wang Huisheng, SDIC President Shi Hongxiang, SDIC Vice President Qian Meng, SASAC DG Xia Qingfeng and other 300 representatives of SDIC employees attended the meeting.

Wang Huisheng delivered a speech on behalf of SDIC Party Committee. He said that 2018 was the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up and the key point for SDIC’s reform. SDIC faced unprecedented situation, problems and difficulties in 2018. SDIC spared no efforts in making breakthroughs, achieving new heights and fulfilled the tasks given by the Board, making one achievement after another.

Wang Huisheng pointed out that since the Second Pioneering Campaign, SDIC has fulfilled different goals and reached a new height in all aspects. SDIC has spared no efforts to support the supply side structural reform and state-owned assets reform and conduct business in strategically emerging industries with a view to putting the upgrading to a new height. Since the 19th CPC Party Congress, SDIC had made clear its goal of matching the short board of beautiful life and guiding the development of new industries. It would push forward high-quality development, common development of public and private economy and the development of newly emerging industries such as advanced manufacturing, testing & certification, urban environment and AI. After 10 years efforts, SDIC has successfully transformed itself. Wang Huisheng expressed gratitude to SDIC Party Committee, Board, leadership, all employees and their families as well as others that cared about SDIC.

Ten Most Important Events of SDIC are:

  1. SDIC has been awarded with A-rating for 14 consecutive years.

  2. SDIC has been listed in “100 Cities, 100 Counties and 100 Enterprises” Commemorating 40th Anniversary of Reform and Opening up

  3. Supporting the Construction of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, SDIC has achieved a lot in serving the national strategies.

  4. SDIC has successfully participated in the diversification of equity SinoPharm.

  5. SDIC has been the first central SOE to publish Party Building Report in 5 Year.

  6. SDIC Gaoxin controlled the majority share of China High-Speed Railway Technology Co., Ltd.

  7. SDIC Biotech became the No.1 supplier of fuel ethanol, making new breakthrough in SDIC’s new business area.

  8. SDIC Mineral Investment has successfully acquired Jordan Arab Potash Company

  9. SDIC has been the first to put forward its social responsibility brand “Wholeheartedness Initiative”.

  10. SDIC Essence has got A-rating for 10 consecutive years


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