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The First China International Import Expo Opens SDIC: Looking for a Broad and Better Future

The first China International Import Expo (CIIE) opened in Shanghai. China’s President Xi Jinping delivered a keynote speech.

SDIC President Wang Huisheng attended the opening ceremony upon invitation as a representative of Central SOE Purchase Group. He listened to the speech of President Xi Jinping on site.

Wang Huisheng said that President Xi’s speech was very inspiring in which he declared China’s position in continuous opening up and China’s initiative for cooperation in the new era. He put forward China’s new policy measure for further opening up, shew China’s willingness for positive actions against the present complicated international economic situation. He especially pointed out China would stimulate import potential, lower the market access threshold and push in-depth multi and bilateral cooperation, which gave SDIC and its trading partners a reason to hope for a broader and better future.

Wang Huisheng said that SDIC would implement the important spirit embodied in President Xi’s speech. It would take an open and development attitude to embrace partners from all over the world with a view to not only meeting the need of Chinese people for a better life but also achieving win-win results with its partners and giving the dividends of China’s development to the world. SDIC would actively broaden its international business by combining going global and getting in to implement China’s philosophy of development to make a world class investment company.

In the afternoon of Nov. 5th, Chairman Wang Huisheng, Vice President Yang Xiaohui, SDIC Trade Chairman Zhao Zhaogang and Complant Chairman Liu Yan attended the parallel forum Trade and Investment.

On Nov. 4th, Wang Huisheng met with Jamal Sarayrah, President of Arab Potash Company. Wang Huisheng said that it was a milestone of the development of SDIC’s infrastructure –related business to acquire the equity of Arab Potash Company. SDIC would take this cooperation as the foundation to conduct different kinds of communication in other mineral resources, power generation and pharmaceutical areas.


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