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Wang Huisheng calls on the Jilin Party Secretary Bayin Chaolu and Governor Jing Junhai

On Sept. 10th, SDIC Biotech and Jilin Ethanol Group were successfully reorganized. SDIC Chairman called on Jilin Party Secretary Bayin Chaolu and Governor Jing Junhai.

Bayin Chaolu thanked the care and support from SDIC over the years. He briefed the SDIC side on Jilin’s social and economic development. He said that SDIC’s decision of putting reorganized ethanol group as the headquarters and control centre had great strategic significance with a view to combining ethanol production and bio-technology development. Currently, Jilin was in a critical stage of upgrading and transformation and old-new driving energy. SDIC as a central SOE, enjoyed good development momentum, advanced operation mode and solid capital. He hoped that the two sides could broaden cooperation areas especially in SOE reform, finance, bio fuel and grain trade. We would support the development of SDIC in Jilin by making sound investment environment.

Wang Huisheng thanked Bayin Chaolu for his time. He said that after the reorganization, SDIC was going to make Jilin Ethanol Group bigger and stronger. SDIC Bio-tech was going to be the biggest fuel ethanol production enterprise in China and its Jilin branch would be the management headquarters of the three province in the North East part of China and coordinated its business in the three provinces. Meanwhile, SDIC was also exploring more cooperation opportunities with Jilin and expanding its investment in advanced manufacturing, strategically emerging industries, health & old-age caring and pharmaceutical industry with a view to making greater contribution to the revitalization of the North-eastern three provinces.


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