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Wang Huisheng attends the 11th China Bio Industry Conference

On May 25th, the 11th China Bio Industry Conference was held in Wuhan. It was co-hosted by the People’s Government of Hubei Province and Chinese Society of Biotechnology (CSBT) with a theme of Developing Bio-economy and promoting Healthy China.

On behalf of CPC Hubei Committee and Hubei government, Wang Xiaodong expressed gratitude to government organs and people from all walks of life the long-term support to Hubei’s development. He said that bio industry was in the important strategic period with rapid growth. Hubei has rich history, outstanding industries advantages, great development potential which could be beneficial to nourish the development of bio industry. We would be guided by President Xi Jinping’s speech when he visited Hubei, take this opportunity to introduce more talents and speed up the transformation of research results with a view to write a new chapter of high quality development of bio industry.

Lin Nianxiu said in his speech that rapid development of bio economy was in line with the general trend of the development of the new era. It was the important measures to meet the requirement of people’s wish for good life. We should earnestly implement the spirit of the 19th CPC Party Congress and

stick to new development philosophy, fine-tune top-level design, strengthen reform & innovation, complete bio economy related policies, deepen high-level international cooperation and make greater contribution to the development of China’s bio industry.

Wang Huisheng expressed his gratitude to NDRC, the provincial CPC Committee of Hubei, people’s government of Hubei as well as people from all walks of life. He pointed out that the convening of the 11th China Bio Industry Conference in Wuhan was an important measure to implement the spirit of President Xi’s speech and Health China strategy. It was also a new starting point for Hubei’s innovative development. Bio Industry was an emerging industry with great potential and vigor, which could play a leading role in economic and social development. The development and improvement of bio industry provided important guarantee for food security, people’s health, environmental protection and recycled use of natural resources.

Over 30 representatives from the US, UK and Lithuania, officials from relevant government organs, the General-Secretary of Hubei People’s Government attended the meeting.


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